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Practice detective agency " Private detective Cherkasy " shows that even if a person makes in their home , apartment or office photo - surveillance, it becomes a solution to the problems and does not shield it from direct intruders or any other actions of dishonest staff , when it comes to outdoor surveillance in the workplace. This is due to the fact that their own security should be integrated. And the staff of our detective agency in Zvenigorodka anytime ready for you to hold a consultation on points related to this issue.

There is also certainly need to consider the fact that even if it was recorded penetration of outsiders into your territory , in any case, this evidence can be used in the investigation and wanted people who committed the crime . And in such a situation, you can use our detective agency . We have all the necessary tools to make fingerprinting and knock them on certain databases . And even if the person had not committed any crime , it does not mean that we can not find it. During interrogation , we often use a lie detector , test results which are irrefutable proof of guilt or innocence of a person suspected of committing an offense.

Use a polygraph test as possible not only in such situations , but simply to determine the veracity of the person. Often this method is used to detect infidelity husband or wife. But since voluntarily in this category of people nobody agree to pass such a test , even in the absence of guilt , then the best way may be an imitation of the draw or hold any party in a narrow range , where you can use a lie detector . Our experts are always ready to develop your individual scenario this evening , as in the case of a test of loyalty. We guarantee that no one there is absolutely no suspicion for all the seriousness of what is happening , and you , in turn, get the required facts and truthful answers to their questions, if you suspect that your wife had a lover .

Many people are trying to set their own surveillance of a person to determine whether or not it changes . But the practice of our employees Zvenigorodka shows that for nonprofessional approach such attempts to convict of adultery leads to the inevitable scandal and nothing more. If you need just the facts , whether there is a betrayal of the wife or husband, it is better to use the services of specialists. And our lawyers are always ready to help in the preparation of divorce because of infidelity women .

search for bugs

Returning to the issue of ensuring their own safety and information databases of your company, it is worth noting that one of the more important points here quite a periodic inspection of premises to detect eavesdropping devices . Advanced Search allows us to detect bugs wiretapping cell phones when available. A periodic check should be such due to the fact that even when the antiproslushek there is no guarantee that you will not introduce more advanced and modern bugs that unbeknownst to you , and will gather information .

Search of relatives and other categories of people

Because today every first already has a cell phone , then used one of the first options is the ability to search to find a person by phone number. This method is not only used in locating the relatives , but also in setting the address on the phone from which you can enter Questionable calls or text messages . Also need to search for people by name may be associated not only with criminal actions , but simply with the desire to restore the relationship with the people with whom they have been lost for one reason or another .




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