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Detective Agency " Private detective Cherkasy " - a whole team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of private investigation , which set themselves the main task is to help people in various areas of their lives .

For entrepreneurs

Before you enter into a contract with the new partners with whom you have never worked , it is worth to make a complete collection of information about their activities and about the past of the company, to avoid becoming a victim of fraud or corporate raid . However, we also recommend to best protect all of your database from penetration spies who may be your employees or even specially written computer programs. For more information on this issue and a full consultation you can get directly from our staff in the detective agency in Vatutine .

In that case, if you are a victim of fraud and the man disappeared from your field of vision , immediately call us. Search of people is one of our activities . Do not neglect involving police detective agency in the case of phone fraud or blackmail. We will take all necessary steps to find a person by phone number from which you received a strange phone calls or text messages threatening content.

But you do not have to order a search for people by name, who arranged for you to work, and then suddenly disappeared , to commit an offense in the enterprise, we recommend for employment use lie detector . By prior arrangement, an employee of our detective agency in Vatutine conduct polygraph test directly in your company. With many companies, we thus work on a permanent contract basis . And to avoid penetration spies in your company , certainly antiproslushku use that will allow you to best protect themselves from the various bugs . But even in this case, the additional measures we make a check at the premises to identify the bug . We will carry out search for bugs and wiretaps will certainly be able to detect mobile phones.

Helping families


Team detective agency " Private detective Cherkasy " experienced psychologists , to which you can apply for qualified single or periodic consultations on decisions of your seminal questions , whether they are related to the settlement of conflicts between parents and children , or in the case of her husband's infidelity . And that adultery become quite frequent occasion to refer to private detectives , when one side of the family unit begins to suspect his soul mate that she is unfaithful. You can be sure that in this case the man under surveillance will be carried out only by the most experienced professionals . And even if all your suspicions are confirmed, we will provide a full report on the ongoing surveillance, organized specifically to address the fact his wife's infidelity to her husband.

But as practice shows , if it turns out that in fact the wife has a lover , basically it ends in divorce because of infidelity women . The main thing that you're not trying to hold an independent check on the loyalty, as in this case unprofessionally organized photo - surveillance can be seen your other half and will only lead to clarify the relationship and not getting reliable information , based on which , and not take a final decision on their further action.

Carry out search of relatives

If you are faced with the problem of missing loved ones, then do not waste another minute and immediately call a detective agency in Vatutine . We will take all necessary steps to find by name or by other parties provided with your data missing person.




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