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 Detective Agency "Conrad"

        Detective Agency "Private detective Cherkassy" investigates how in Cherkassy and region, and in the territory of Ukraine and the world.

 Detectives our agency are members of the International Police Association (IPA).





Dense and close cooperation with the private investigators and detective agencies that operate in Europe, Latin America, and in Australia gives us the ability to obtain necessary and relevant information remotely. In those cases where it is necessary, our detectives go to these countries.

Team, the agency employs highly qualified specialists - operatives, forensic experts, graphology, and psychologists. The agency cooperates with many professionals of various specialties who work in government offices. All our team members are united by one goal - to help the client agency to overcome his problems and get out of difficult situations. We can help prevent dangerous situations that are associated with the conduct of observing you and your loved ones. We will bring to you the most complete information about your business partners. Our agency also conducted search for missing people: the heirs and relatives.

Most private detective work depends on the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the client. The issue of mutual trust between the client and the private detective is crucial. Because of the degree of success depends on the awareness of the detective solve problems, and rate of elimination of the danger that threatens the client. In addition, the basis of the reputation of the private detective - is keeping secret the information about the customer that he has been entrusted.

It is the work of a private investigator and inspection personnel. There are cases where workers are employed by the employer abuse the trust. This may be a nurse, which are not adequately provide quality child care. In addition, such workers may be those who are involved in your business. Our detectives, with the help of hardware and other special techniques to help determine how honest is your staff and how well the work is performed. Turning to us, you will be assured of the people who you work as well as the fact that all the results of our work will be kept secret from outsiders. We use all the means and will do our best to help you.

 Absolutely any life situations may require prompt and professional approach to solving problems. The work of our detectives is designed to protect you and your business. The range of services that we provide, is quite wide. Securing Business:

· Checking partners;

· Prevents theft;

· Verification of staff;

· Escort valuable cargo;

· Advocacy and provision of your interests in the arbitration.

Providing private and family life:

· We will establish past your groom / bride to be able to protect marriage swindler or con artist;

· Set the circle of your child, it will prevent involvement in drug abuse, criminal activity, early sexual relations;

· We will render prompt assistance in the escape of a child at home, the search and return to the family.

    In the exercise of our activity, in certain cases, we are cooperating with law enforcement authorities.



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