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For several years, every citizen of Ukraine has the opportunity to use the services of a detective agency " Private detective Cherkasy " , especially if you live in the city Zhashkiv . Our detective agency you will find professional support specialists who have undergone practical school work in law enforcement, which is a guarantee of professional approach to solving any order completely .

How to carry out the identification of her husband's infidelity ?

This one is quite common issues that come to us wives whose husbands often go on business trips or just spend a lot of time at work. Unfortunately, infidelity causes not just disorders, but divorces in seemingly very strong marriage. But it is necessary to consider that , and the suspicions of many of our customers and clients are simply the result of violent fantasies or reaction to any dialogue with friends and girlfriends. Therefore , to avoid a fatal mistake not to file for divorce because of infidelity women or men , you should definitely get the most accurate pre- information , which can only provide private detectives after a thorough and professional investigation into the specific situation. And it is worth noting that even your own surveillance for your other half will not be able to give all the answers to your questions. Our experts not only to gather information , but always take into account all factors : the place of work, position , number of years of living together , the presence of certain current problems in your family , or directly from the audited spouse . The fact that some actions and behavior - isolation, desire privacy, reluctance to communicate with family , may be only a temporary manifestation of the crisis and did not indicate that your wife had a lover , or what your husband certainly you changes .

Provide an approach to work and allows us to fulfill orders presence of a large team of professionals in the detective agency in Zhashkiv , among which are involved in the verification of allegiance not only private detectives , but often enough and Psychologists, graphology , lawyers . All depends entirely on the situation.

Is it possible to carry out surveillance of the man?

search for bugs

One of the important rules of our work is the implementation of all activities exclusively within the law . But if you want to be always aware of what's happening in your company or in your home, then you have every right to install video surveillance photos . However, we also recommend to inspect the premises to detect eavesdropping device at regular intervals to avoid any installation bugs in rooms where you spend time more often. Call us now so that we can conduct a search for bugs and wiretaps to timely detect mobile phones, if they have already been set spies who may be among your employees or even people close to you . And get reliable data on exactly who collects information from your database will check on a polygraph .

Get advice on the installation or use of antiproslushki lie detector , you can at any time directly in our office or by phone. Also, our staff is always ready to meet on neutral ground to discuss the implementation details of an order , whether it concerns the determination of addresses on the phone or simply locating individuals other available data.

We have extensive experience in search people by name , that often use admission applications associated with finding relatives. Of course, the more background information you give us , the better the work will be done , than to find a person , provided exclusively by phone number or search by name. But no matter how complicated the order, we will always fall short in its immediate execution , to avoid wasting precious time.




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