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Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that living in the modern world is much more complicated than even a few decades ago . Appeared incredible dynamics and new technologies. And to always be on top , you need to keep abreast of and not to miss any detail of a kind. But of course, that when a person is alone , it is much harder to do , especially when it concerns their own management company , which may be of interest to competitors or to raider invaders. Therefore, if you suspect that your firm has penetrated spy who not only leads you under surveillance , but also an ongoing collection of information about the activities of your company, then you absolutely need to contact the detective agency in Zolotonosha .

The staff of our detective agency - it's a whole team of specially trained people receiving long-term training , working in law enforcement. And we have all the necessary tools that will allow us not only to ensure the security of your database in the future , but also to carry out all necessary measures to eliminate the bugs already established , to identify those individuals who are photo - video surveillance of you or your key employees .

One of the first things that we do in this direction - is to check the premises to detect eavesdropping devices . Our employees are seeking out bugs in all areas in which you frequent most often : a house or apartment, office , car. In some cases, you should also check and equipment : laptops, tablets , smartphones . And such a thorough search leads inevitably to the fact that we are able to detect wiretapping cell phones. It should be noted that not always you can save antiproslushka . Scope espionage develops or slightly slower all technologies aimed at providing security in connection with what we recommend to inspect the premises at regular intervals .

But in the case of such devices , the next step is to test the entire staff, as well as relatives of the polygraph to have clearly ascertain their involvement or lack thereof according to the manifestations of espionage. You can be sure that such a check is bound to give a polygraph unmistakable results that need to be thoroughly prepared , because it is possible that this surveillance of a man like you could arrange and enough people close to you .

Do not worry if such a test before someone from your staff suddenly disappear , just to avoid it and do not respond to a very uncomfortable questions . In this case, the detective agency staff Zolotonosha conduct search of people with whom we can not talk at once.


In addition to working with large companies and small entrepreneurs , we also work with individuals who come to us with a variety of requests. For example, someone may need to identify adultery. This is mainly due to those married couples in which one often goes on business trips , and the second half begins to suspect that her husband is sure to change , instead of do work . Identification of betrayal of her husband or wife may take different times , so we give only guarantee complete privacy. And if the scan allegiance we find out that your wife has a lover , then this information will only get you . Certainly use the services of our lawyer if you decide to file for divorce because of infidelity women .

Call us if you want to organize a search for relatives . We have great experience in organizing search people by name , and we can find a person by phone. In this case it is possible to set the address on the phone.




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