Potapkin Denis A., Moscow, Russia

He worked quickly, in terms of payment were patient expectations. Thanks to Alexander for the cooperation., skype: vinni_pux87



Search of people. Sought the assistance of the agency, worked quickly, suddenly. Thank you.

Margarita Arkadievna

Professionally, accurately and efficiently an analysis and found guilty of petty theft in office. Lord working in this organization real experts. I just got the following result, which hoped. Well done.


Thank you, guys! Instructed the agency wanted a witness whose testimony had a lot to me in the court proceedings. I can not imagine how it was possible to find a man. The real professionals, thanks.

Konstantin Abramovich

Thank you for your prompt assistance. Decided in court dispute over inheritance, time to submit the required documents was limited. Without the help of detectives who are very professionally done their job, I would not have had time. Thank you so much.



Thank God, did not get into trouble, I want to say about the agency a few kind words. Here people work, you can safely entrust the orders of a personal nature, which no one has to know not. The guys are doing their job the way would not have done and relatives.


In my family, it came to the divorce, I did not understand the reason for her husband's cold attitude towards me. Detectives agency quickly clarified the situation, thanks to them for that much. Now everything has fallen into place.


Very grateful to the guys - the detectives, literally dragged me out of the prison cell. I wanted to make guilty of a crime I did not commit. At the time there were clues and witnesses. Thank you, I will always recommend you.


I went to the agency on the advice of my friends. She came just in case, thinking that I will not be able to help. I'm looking for a guy who we met before the new year through a dating site. Should note the high professionalism of the agency IT professionals. Help me out here, my gratitude knows no bounds.


Turned his back to look after her son - an awkward age, check where it happens is friends with whom. Now, now, calm. It's okay not found, but I'm not worried now. Well done, thank you.


Detectives agency provided me with information gathering, evidence and legal defense. Everything went fine, not the innocent suffer. Thanked and will still give thanks. thank you

Dean A.

With the help of professionals have found the man, who has not been able to find. From the success of the search depended a lot. I will never forget what service I have had these people. A huge thank you and good luck.

Natalia S.

Helped with the verification of my co-workers at the firm. Everything was done professionally, quickly. All information is correctly framed and given to me. All of the evidence and materials. Worked perfectly.

Andrew Samuilovich

He came to detectives with a request to find my car, which police searched for a month. The guys - well done coped week and a half, very grateful to all recommend.


In my family there was a misfortune, but with the help of the agency, the problems have been avoided. Tremendous thanks.


Asked for assistance in respect of legal protection. We had to track down a witness - a woman who was at the scene. I suspected, the investigation was going down the wrong path. Detectives managed to track down a witness, nothing happened and thank you very much.


Grateful to this agency. We had to track down the fraudster who tricked lured my money and disappeared. The agency does have professionals scoundrel managed to find and bring to justice.

Diane P.

The guys were able to track down my friend, with whom we met on holiday a few years ago. It was quite a bit of information, however, detectives agency it was enough. I have a wedding soon, thanks to the detectives of the agency, I will always thank God for what they are.


Accidentally discovered some device in his office, destination unknown to me. Addressed to the Agency, the detectives checked the office and pleased me that I was being watched, recorded my conversations with a long time. Detectives led the investigation, all surfaced - who watched what he wanted. I am grateful to the detectives for their professionalism and speed. Everything was done in the best possible way.

Alexander I.

Thank you. Timely appealed to the agency for help. It was in the purchase of an apartment. The price was low, and I had suspicions of fraud. The guys are very promptly checked it out and gave the result - an apartment can not be sold. The owners wanted to throw my money.

Svetlana Andriivna

The Agency has done a great job, which resulted in the set - which computer threats sent me an email. Then find out who did it and why. You guys saved my life, thank you.


By agreement of colleagues contacted the agency with a request to check the cleanliness of my business partners. Due to the operational work of the detectives learned of the arrangements of my partners with my competitors. thank you


Asked the guys to check the groom. Advised the agency is familiar. Very well done, as the "groom" was with a dark past, besides more and gigolo. I will recommend the services of the agency.


Addressed in order to check integrity of my sellers. Now here I know who work honestly and who strove podvorovat. I recommend the services of this agency.


Checked the office for listening devices. Turned on the recommendation of friends. As a result, were found "bugs." On prints found out who set and with the further proceedings - were able to figure out why, and for whom. Thank you so much.

Sofia A.

There were problems with her daughter, who came under the bad influence. There were suspicions about the bad links her boyfriend. Daughter and did not want to hear about my suspicions. Through the work of a detective agency has managed to reason with my child. Suspicions were confirmed completely. Thank you.


Thank you for your professional work. Addressed to dispel suspicions about his wife's infidelity. Unfortunately, suspicions were confirmed a few days ago a divorce. Despite this, I am happy. Over my nose no leads. Thank you again.


A former officer of the Soviet times, but I had to go here. What to say nothing - do their job professionally, quickly and clearly. Helped, though, and for the money. Although it is free of charge probably is not even a fly flies.

Alena V.

Completely satisfied with the work guys. Were suspected of adultery, marriage disorders. Thanks to the work of professionals, everything fell into place. Suspicions have disappeared, with her husband went smoothly. Thank you so much.


Very help agency workers, when disaster struck. Thank you.

Vladislav G.

Immensely grateful detective agency. For many years, sought her sister, which were lost many years ago. From the information was only a photo in his youth. The search took only a few months as a result of the family back together again.


Алексей Сергеевич

Never imagined that would ever turn to the services of this kind. And then began to notice that something was wrong with her son going. Talk to him on the souls did not work - the awkward age. Turned to the guys on the phone, briefly described the problem, sent a couple of photos of the soap's son, and the result was not long in coming. Called and told the reason for this behavior - unrequited love for his classmate. It became clear what his son talk. Now in the family of world peace and order. And with my son we are even more closer. Such work is no money do not mind. Thank you very much!

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