Checking for wiretapping

Checking the premises and vehicles for listening devices


Conducting any business related to the storage of information that may be considered confidential. And confidential information is present in the lives of individuals, public employees who are entrusted with some secret information in the lives of politicians and bureaucrats.


The loss of such information can lead to serious losses in business, and even to its ultimate loss. In the case of information that relates to state secrets, getting the information to the attackers can undermine the foundations of the country's security. Quite often this information is targeted hunting, hackers or competitors attract specially trained people and special facilities for the extraction of information.

 Such agents are eavesdropping devices, or as they call it, "bugs." The discovery of listening devices - not an easy process. Professionally installed devices almost impossible to find on their own, the current models of these devices can continuously record conversations in the office and then pass through the network. Checking facilities for wiretapping done by experts who operate with special technical means to find bugs. These devices applies antiproslushka phone.

In the event that confidential information of a private nature in the wrong hands, this information becomes a tool for influencing cash, a means of blackmail. With the help of blackmail can cause a person to give all the property and get to make something that people would never have been done in good faith.

Procedure for checking the premises to wiretap experts recommend to make regular, this recommendation is dictated by the need to time to carry out measures to protect the information. Early detection of listening devices will not only prevent further leakage of information, but also to take swift action to neutralize the effects of the already lost data.

Antiproslushka number must be present in every phone company where the safety of the information security business can depend on. How to determine the wiretap sure - professionals know our agency. How to detect a bug, how to take action when an integrated protection bug, as well as how to avoid installing listening devices, means of CCTV and other surveillance elements - all this you will find out by contacting our detective agency.

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